Purpose & Guidelines


To exchange ideas and share information in confidence between CEOs and other c-levels that will enhance the professional and personal skills of its member c suite executives running market changing organizations in Japan and greater Asia.

CEO Insights is a membership only group for privacy and confidence of the network.


Meetings will be held monthly in English over an extended lunch (1230 noon to 2pm) at a restaurant in a central location.  Topics cover hiring, firing, managing, motivating, expansion, warehousing, digital marketing, taxation, investments, cultural issues, career development, executive education, market forces, regulatory, personal health and performance and nearly anything else that brings success to the organization.

Additional meetings, receptions, and offsite tours of members’ businesses and other market changers are also usually planned each year.

Membership Qualifications

Members should be presidents or chief operating officers of a business registered in Japan. Ideally, all members will have a minimum of three years in country at a senior management level.  Members must be C-Level preferably CEO, however CFO and other executives may participate as recommended by other CEOs.

Are you qualified for CEO Insights Executive Network Membership?  
Here are some basic questions: 
  1. Do you have a team of employees you are managing?
  2. Are you managing the business such as marketing, human resources, operations, and the other core pieces of your business?
  3. Are you keen to get insights from peer c-levels in the market place?
  4. Do you have good standing in the market as a boss who keeps promises, cares about people, understands your business, and has rapport with other c-levels in your business circles?
  5. Can you commit to regularly attending these invaluable meetings and take a coveted position around the CI boardroom table?
If you can answer yes to the questions above then you will likely really enjoy a membership in the CI network.

Meeting Guidelines

  1. Each meeting will have a general theme that will be led by a member. The leadership role and the theme will revolve monthly. Themes should be mutually agreed upon by a majority of members.
  2. Unless otherwise specified, ideas and information shared in meetings shall be held in confidence (Chatham House Rules).
  3. Maximum attendance at any one meeting should be no more that eighteen members and guests to maximize communications at the meetings.
  4. The main business of each member (and guest) should not be in direct competition with another member.
  5. CEO Insights members will not hire employees of other members of their CEO group.
  6. Members must attend a minimum of 6 meetings annually due to the limited size of the group.  Members attending less than 6 meetings may lose their position to newly recommended CEOs.
  7. The group is limited in size to 20 CEOs, with an anticipated 12-15 maximum at each meeting.
  8. CEOs outside of the base country may remain on the mailing list, but will not be calculated in the membership totals due to inability to attend meetings regularly. They are welcome to attend when they are in country.
  9. Guests C-levels are welcome to visit.  Following the meeting they may be recommended for membership.  Following an initial meeting a guest may be recommended for membership as long as they meet the requirements above. One disapproving CEO may block that new potential member.  CEOs must qualify under the Membership Qualifications listed above.

Membership Cost

CEO Insights (CI) is organized by AINEO Networks.  Meetings are not designed to make money, however it does cost money to plan meetings, filter speakers, select appropriate topics, keep members engaged, select appropriate venues for the meetings, and interact with CI membership in organizing these events.  Lunches are typically 2-4,000 yen and evening evening events have averaged between 8-10,000 yen.

The annual membership fee is for one year and invoiced via AINEO KK.  Membership renews annually one month prior to whatever month a company has joined, unless canceled by member company.  If a CEO is transferred abroad, CI is happy to transfer membership to other CEO within same organization or group company (barring any conflict of interest between group company and any new company as stated above).

Replacement Membership/Resignations

CEO Insights is a members group designed to be actively engaged in and cost effective.  If a CEO intends to leave their company or posting in Japan, they may recommend their replacement.  Replacement CEOs will be announced and introduced to group.  CEOs planning to leave the CEO Insights network must ‘resign” in writing prior to the renewal of their membership.  Gentlemen and women who have not resigned in advance will be considered members until they have tendered their resignation.

CEO Insights

CI is Japan’s unmatched gathering of c-level executives from Japan and around the world.  Questions may be directed to CI via the AINEO team here.


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