Japan’s historic role in Asia as viewed from several significant global perspectives. The west, China, Korea, Taiwan, and ASEAN each view Japan and their relationships with her from very different view points, colored by their history with the country. And, Japan sees herself in an equally divergent way, also very much affected by her history and role in the region. These viewpoints color the relationships between these nations, and the way in which they trade, conduct diplomacy, and cooperate within international institutions. A quick flip of the map can help to understand how that came to be, and how it affects doing business in the region as a foreign party.

Four Things We Will Cover-

– How the world views Asia and Japan especially, based on their context in history.
– How Japan views the world and Asia especially, based on its context in history.
– How Taiwan got sandwiched in between these things.
– How all of this is shaping the march of current events, and the likelihood of a coming armed conflict in east Asia.

In this month’s CEO Insights lunch, we will welcome Robert Moss.  Robert is a former US navy officer and helicopter pilot.  Internationally experienced leader with extensive cross-cultural experience. Business Operations, program management, customer relations, business development and sales experience in Asia, Europe and the Middle East. Extensive strategic planning, networking, team building, human resources, and personnel management skills developed over 30+ years in the Aerospace and Defense sector.

16 Sept, 1230PM to 1400PM

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