C20 2013 Nov- Raising The Next Generation For Management Of The Business

Looking at the stock market of any country 50 years ago we see a very different set up companies then what we have now. In some cases, we see only 1 or 2 companies that continue on in business for multiple generations.

Businesses are not just about providing great products and services. They are also about experience for not only the customer, but also the employee. With a shrinking market of hard-working youth, the challenges could be amplified.

What can CEOs and the management team do to build the next generation of leadership? What ethics, operations, and business operations are necessary for creating a business that will last? What things must we stick to in our corporate culture, and what must we ditch?

This will prove to be a very enlightening discussion as the topic was chosen by you.

Date- Friday, 8 Nov 1230PM-1400PM
Bangkok Kitchen (Yurakucho)
Ginza Gurasse Building 8F
3-2-15 Ginza
Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Pls ask for C20/Private Room