December CEO Luncheon- 2009 Ramp Up

The year 2008 has been a year of dynamics.  As we plan for the topics and speakers that you want to hear from, we’ll get a chance to discuss what other CEOs are doing in planning for 2009.  Don’t miss the last meeting of the year at the Hotel New Otani.

Trader Vics (Inside Hotel New Otani)

Location Hotel New Otani, Chiyoda-ku, Akasaka

Address 4-1 Kioi-cho

Phone 03-3265-4707

-Proposed Topics For 2009-

Delegating & Motivating/ Corporate Vision
The Office; Building and Emplyee Friendly Enviroment
Dog and Demons- Reflections with the Author
Measuring and Managing the Frontline Sales
Using Japanese Law/Tax Loopholes to an Advantage
Developing Yourself As CEO
Making the Most of Real Estate
President’s Brainstorm & Planning Lunch
Effectively Implementing Performance Appraisals
Costs- Keeping Your Costs Down
Corporate Security Revisited
Using Technology to Make Money
Corporate Certifications (ISO, Privacy Marks, etc.)
Benchmarking of the Benefit Package
Talent Development
Effective Communications With Head Office
Buying Property In Japan, Holiday Properties
Financing Overseas Ventures
M&A In Japan (Guest Speaker)
Dealing With China
How to Make Better Client Relationships
Retailing In Japan (Special Speaker-Coach?)
Advertizing In Japan (Special Speaker- Phil Ruben)
Leaders Lunch- Bring A Mentor
Protecting The Environment- Corporate Policies Dealing with Global Warming
Virtual Team Management Tools (Net meeting, Salesforce, CRM, etc.)
LGR- Team Evaluation Practices

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