2017 Apr G3 – Telsa, Disrupting Distribution With A Direct Retail Approach

Many people think of Henry Ford when we think of automobiles and their invention.  However, self propelled vehicles have been around in various forms since the 1800s.  We saw steam, electric, and petroleum powered vehicles.  Various electric cars concepts have been around, yet without breaking the monopoly of fossil fuel powered engines. Combustion based engines have dominated and networks of dealers as well as services has been around them.  Things have finally started to change.

Tesla came to market with high-performance battery based vehicles and has not only challenged the automotive dealer models but also gotten into the core software architecture as well as energy infrastructure area.  In this month’s CEO Insights join us as we hear from Tesla’s VP of North & SE Asia.  We welcome Mr. Nicolas Villeger who will share his insights on how Tesla is completely changing the way people think about automobile purchase and ownership.  Mr. Villeger is no stranger to brands, he joined Tesla after a successful career at Coach, Longchamp, and Estee Lauder.

Date–Tuesday , 11 April
Roppongi Hills Club- Italian Restaurant- La Cucina
51 fl. Roppongi Hills Mori Tower,
6-10-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku,
Tokyo, 106-6151 Japan