2019 Restart (G3)- Getting A Head Start And Winning

January brings many new thoughts and resolutions.  Gyms are crowded with business people trying to get healthy for the first month or so of the year.  As the CEO, we don’t have the luxury of ‘letting our guard down’ in business.  We must be thinking and anticipating what market forces will do for our brand, what products will blow out, and what products or services to put on the back burner.

In the first CEO Insights Network luncheon of the year, we will have to take a look at what we expect to see in 2019.  Specifically, we will discuss three areas

  • Economic- Will we have boom or bust? What are customers looking for? Where will the USD, JPY, EURO head?
  • Political- What will the government be doing that may affect our staffing, our taxation, our operations costs?  Is there any PC (political correctness) initiative that may hit?
  • Personal- How do you deal with the head office?  What are the growth areas for investments in the new year?  How can I be more productive personally?

You will leave the CI meeting enlightened, and no doubt inspired.


Date– Tuesday, 8 Jan 2019 1230PM-1400PM
Roppongi Hills Club- Roppongi Hills Club- La Cucina Restaurant
51 fl. Roppongi Hills Mori Tower,
6-10-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku,
Tokyo, 106-6151 Japan

P.S. In the closing moments of the meeting, we will be discussing planned speakers/topics in 2019 discussed thus far.